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A Miracle Named Tommy

This is Tommy, a sweet, Thomas the Train loving, 5-year-old boy who is full of energy. One night last February, Tommy fell ill with a high-grade fever at his home in Warren, Minnesota. Suspecting the flu, his parents brought him to Sanford Thief River Falls Medical Center. After a blood test, they learned Tommy had leukemia. With his rising fever, Tommy who also has Down syndrome, had to be airlifted to Sanford Children’s Hospital in Fargo where he received urgent specialty cancer care.


During his treatment at Sanford Children’s Hospital in Fargo, Child Life Specialists made his stay less terrifying and the staff day by day brought his smile back to his face. With Thomas the Train cartoons and Bravery Beads, special tokens that help children commemorate milestones in their cancer journey, Tommy has found hope and joy through his journey





Today, Tommy’s strand of Bravery Beads in now longer than he is tall, and he is cancer free! Tommy is in the middle of a three- year treatment plan that includes chemotherapy and surgery and will continue to receive care at Sanford Children’s Hospital. Thank you for being part of the great things that are offered to help Tommy and his family through his cancer journey!