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We are heading into the final days before our 25 hour Game Day!  Paradox Comics-N-Cards is hosting the event November 3rd- this Saturday!  The event will start at 8am and will end at 8am on Sunday morning.  What a way to jump start your body into Daylight Savings!


Paradox Comics-N-Cards has been gearing up for this event with Podcasts.  If you are ever looking for a reason to give back, listen to Noah’s story (our 2018 North Dakota Champion) here.  Noah remains quiet for a large chunk of this interview but his commentary is so powerful.  He says after his mom, Terese, expresses her gratitude for the care she received, Noah said he’s glad “I survived.”  With programs such as Extra Life, we are able to provide lifesaving equipment for little heroes like Noah.  Terese also touches on other ways they were effected by the funds that we raise in programs such as Extra Life.  When you sign up, you are a part of that.  You are making a difference.


Remember that while we would love to have you all at Paradox to game and celebrate with us, if you prefer to participate from the comfort of your home, please do that.   While this marathon is for the kids it’s also about our gamers!  Wherever you participate, find our Facebook page at @FMEXTRALIFE and let us know what you’re playing!!


We would love to have you join our team as we help local children like Noah!  You can participate by signing up, gaming for kids, and asking your friends and family to support you in your efforts.  Sign up at today.




Katie Pipinich, Development Officer 701-234-6931